Service Levels

1. Is the speed/bandwidth dedicated?

Yes, we do not oversubscribe your tail circuit. The speed and bandwidth is equivalent to a fibre product of the same speed.

2. What is the latency?

Our metro area unlicensed products have an average latency of less than 20ms, and jitter of better than 10ms. Maximum latency is 100ms, and any link at over 100ms is considered to be in fault. We measure statistics every 90 seconds and can provide detailed records to end users.

Our metro area licensed products have an average latency of less than 5ms, and jitter better than 2ms. As with our unlicensed circuits, we collect performance statistics every 90 seconds.

3. What is the packet loss?

There should be no packet loss on the Araneo network. Any link experiencing more than 0.1% loss is considered to be in fault

4. What is the up time?

Uptime during business hours (default contract, unless 24/7 support is requested) our core network is better than 99.95%. Historically most of our recorded outages have been due to long-term electrical faults, such as blackouts, transformer explosions, and substation fires.