The Araneo Story

Starting out

Araneo was established in 2004 to provide sensibly priced wireless broadband access in and around Wellington. The success of the early Araneo caught the eye of TeamTalk Limited who took an initial minority stake in July 2006 and progressively increased investment until Araneo was 100% owned by TeamTalk Limited.


Since then Araneo has successfully leveraged off TeamTalk’s infrastructure and back-office facilities enabling it to establish a key position in delivering wireless broadband access in the New Zealand Market.


By 2010 Araneo had grown from its Wellington origins to having a fixed wireless access network throughout the North Island and parts of the South Island providing high speed broadband connections to several hundred end user locations.


Today and the future

We have expanded our network to become a significant provider of wireless ethernet services across the length and breadth of the country. Our customers have traditionally been other Telcos and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – a list of these can be found under the "Partners" tab on the main menu bar.


Today and moving into the future Araneo will continue to expand taking advantage of changes to the telecommunications industry in New Zealand that allow it to make use of the unbundled local loop to deliver very affordable broadband services to remote communities and to participate in the Rural Broadband Initiative by provides wireless services to selected schools.


Araneo high capacity wireless services are also proving popular for government departments and corporates who required true redundancy over diverse paths.


It is this type of innovation and leading edge thinking that is contributing to Araneo’s continued success as a key provider of high speed wireless Ethernet access.